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Write. Shoot. Edit. Get GIFTed.

All programming is currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Make A Movie Trailer - Coming Soon!

You and your team will conceive of an epic feature film that takes place in Kingsway Mall, and then shoot the 60 second trailer for your imaginary award-winner. This 5 day program will teach you how to craft a story, work a camera, light your scene, and edit the final product. All classes and filming are held in Kingsway Mall.

​​GIFT Acting for Film: Virtual Auditions - Coming Soon!

Production is ramping up again! In a COVID world, most auditions are now held virtually and we can help you prepare to submit your own self tape or show up in a virtual casting session. In this 3 hour online workshop your coach, Chantal Perron, will walk you through practicing simplicity, specificity, stamina and stillness. Everyone will have a chance to practice slating and ask questions. In addition, Producer Elise Graham will educate participants on the world of television production including what to expect when you show up to a set.

GIFT Acting for Film: The Biz - Coming Soon!

Do you need an agent to be cast in film and television? How do you get an agent? Do you need to join the union? How does it all work? So many questions! In this 3 hour online workshop veteran actor, Chantal Perron, and producer, Elise Graham, will demystify the business side of acting and answer all of your questions no matter how big or small. This is a good class for the parents/guardians/managers to sit in on!

GIFT Film Basics: Writing - Coming Soon!

In this workshop we will provide the secrets to the golden rules of screenwriting, focusing on short film format. We will teach you how to write full and dynamic characters, how to structure your story, and how to format your script like a pro.

GIFT Film Basics: Camera - Coming Soon!

Whether you are using a camera or your smartphone, you need to know how to capture those images that will make your story come alive! We will learn the different components of a camera, how important sound is to video, and how to use the lighting available to you. These skills can easily be transferred to making your own films!

GIFT Film Basics: Editing - Coming Soon!

Editing is the final step in making your own film. In this workshop we will learn the basics of editing and a few tips and tricks to make your film a little extra professional. Participants must provide their own edit program but we can recommend a few that are free for download.

*Programs are designed for different ages, ranging from 10 to 19 year olds, please refer to each workshop for the offered ages.  Programs are open to femme-identifying and non-binary individuals. GIFT is a safe space that welcomes and supports all members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. 


**GIFT is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting teen girls who are interested in film-making. Fees are used to offset the cost of the program, however inclusivity is essential to us and we don’t want cost to be a barrier for any participant. Many of our workshops have subsidies available. Contact us at to ask about subsidies.

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