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Feature Film Program

Edmonton, January 7 2020 - July 31 2020, ages 14-19 - TEMPORARILY POSTPONED

Online Enrichment Courses

Short Filmmaking At Home - COMING SOON

Acting for Film

Intro to Screenwriting

Camera for Beginners

5 Day Film-Making Workshop


GIFT Online Enrichment

This class runs every Wednesday from 2:00pmMT - 4:00pmMT and can be joined from anywhere. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from female filmmakers on a number of topics, new each week. Open to girls ages 13-19.

GIFT Feature Film Program

This program runs from January to June, one day a week after school, and culminates in the filming of a full length feature film in July! The curriculum covers the finer points of what it takes to develop a film from concept to script to production, and post. They will shoot two short films, then participants are given the opportunity to specialize their learning by department. Building on what they learned from the short film-making, they choose the department that they are most interested in and this is the department they will serve during production of the feature film (art department, camera, sound, etc). Each department will have an experienced professional department head but the bulk of the heavy lifting will be completed by GIFT participants.


GIFT Screenwriting Workshop

Every girl has her own story to tell. Many write short stories or poetry and the jump to writing a screenplay is monumental. In this workshop we will provide the secrets to the golden rules of screenwriting, focusing on short film format. We will teach you how to write full and dynamic characters, how to structure your story, and how to format your script like a pro. 

​​GIFT Camera for Beginners

Participants will learn the different components of a camera, how important sound is to video, and how to use the lighting available to you. These skills can easily be transferred to making your own films! Each participant will have the opportunity to film a number of sequences through the day using professional video cameras, audio equipment, and lights.

​​​GIFT Acting for Film Workshop

Many girls may have access to theatre and drama classes through their school or community theatre but acting for the screen is a different process and more elusively offered as specialized training. GIFT acting instructors have both theatre and film/tv credit, so are able to bridge that gap for students. The class includes a camera to record performances, giving participants the practical analysis of their developing skills.

GIFT 5 Day Short Film-Making Workshop

The GIFT 5 Day Short Filmmaking Workshop is a fun and engaging hands-on program that will give teen girls a taste of all stages of film production from writing to shooting to editing and post-production. The workshop is taught by industry professionals who are committed to helping the next generation of young women tell their stories. Participants will be introduced to the basics of filmmaking and get their hands dirty working in groups to write, shoot, and edit a short film over the course of the five days.  Not sure about writing a script or handling a camera?  We’ll give you all the instruction you need and you’ll be in a supportive group working together with a mentor by your side the entire time.

* Programs are designed for different ages, ranging from 10 to 19 year olds, please refer to each workshop for the offered ages.  GIFT is a safe space that welcomes and supports all members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. 


**GIFT is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting teen girls who are interested in film-making. Fees are used to offset the cost of the program, however inclusivity is essential to us and we don’t want cost to be a barrier for any participant. Many of our workshops have subsidies available.


Contact us at to ask about subsidies when you register!  

GIFT: Girls in Film & Television


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