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Mya is a talented and determined teen who’s got her future all mapped out, just not in the traditional sense. Mya has Aphantasia, a condition of the mind that means she isn’t able to visualize. Of course, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing the visual arts, and her drawing skills have come in handy to document her memories. Her friend Vic finds a sketch Mya made of her holding hands with the cutest boy in the school, Cliff, and in a sweeping gesture of misplaced goodwill, puts it in his locker.


Cliff is a new student, and rumour has it he was a real jerk at his previous school. The last thing Mya wants is to be humiliated by someone for liking him when she doesn’t even! So Mya enlists her friends to help her break into and navigate the near-empty school after hours to retrieve the sketch from Cliff’s locker. Mya must avoid the mysterious after-hours shenanigans of Principal Hutchins, and the patrolling menace of school constable, Officer Todd.


Picture It is a fast paced and quirky tribute to the power of friendship and learning to see outside yourself to understand the big picture.




Fatsani Vi

as Mya

Mya is Fatsani’s first onscreen role! She has been singing and acting since she knew how to talk and it has become her biggest passion. She also plays soccer and cooks in her free time and is SO excited to see where her arts journey goes!


Anish Sweeney

as Gavin

Anish is no stranger to change. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he has found himself moving from town to town and across the Atlantic. His diverse background has given him a wide array of life experiences to draw on when needed on stage and screen.


Logan Smarch

as Cliff

A student of Victoria School of the Arts, Logan had acted mainly onstage. Always interested to learn more, Logan was excited to give this opportunity a shot, for better or for worse. He is excited to be making his feature film debut. When he graduates high school, Logan plans on pursuing the arts.


Kristi Hansen

as Principal Hutchins

Kristi is a disabled performing artist living and working in Amiskwaciwâskahikan / ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ. Selected credits include Candide (Edmonton Opera); Silver Arrow, Alice Through the Looking Glass (Citadel Theatre); The Invisible (Catalyst Theatre); The Bad Seed, The Jazz Mother, Pith (Teatro la Quindicina); The Hollow (Vertigo Theatre); Small Mouth Sounds, Passion Play (Wild Side Productions); Sound of Music (NAC); Comedy of Errors, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet (Freewill Players).


Athena Annika Reyes

as Jessa and Jasmine

Athena is a 14-year-old aspiring actress and overall performer. Her fascination with the arts began at the tender age of 2 and sparked her journey in the performing arts not too long after. She is a passionate dancer, actress and singer who strives hard to achieve her dreams.

Norma Lewis on White_edited.jpg

Norma Lewis

as Mya's Mom

Norma’s passion is storytelling. She was recently nominated for Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role in Theater Calgary's production of Steel Magnolias. Norma is the co-founder of 8Rojo, a unique visual performance ensemble.  She has also worked with Dandi Productions in The Twins and the Monster in affiliation with several philharmonic companies, in numerous cities across Canada and the United States for family audiences.


Sheldon Elter

as Officer Todd

Sheldon is a Métis performing artist. Theatre credits include Métis Mutt (One Little Indian), The Ministry of Grace (Belfry Theatre), Eday (Serial Collective), After The Fire, BEARS (Punctuate! Theatre), A Winter’s Tale, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice (Freewill Players). TV/Film: Hank Williams’ First Nation, CAUTION: May Contain Nuts (Gemini, and Canadian Comedy nominated writer) and Delmer and Marta (APTN). @thesheldonelter 


Avery Barabash

as Vic

Avery, like their character in the film, Vic, is also non-binary and masc/androgynous presenting. They have a wonderful girlfriend and an amazing group of friends. When it comes to hobbies, they are more of a jack of all trades and a master of none. They plan on going to school for acting, art and design!



as Herself

Blais is a born worker, sports lover, and friend to all school children. Blais has been in numerous movies, TV and commercials, and she loves working on film for treats and frisbees. She is a Rough Collie from "Lest We Forget Kennels” with many relatives who are Service Dogs. Blais also works full time as a School Therapy Dog with teacher/owner Chris Aanderson.


Picture It was produced as part of GIFT’s Feature Film Program and the crew is a combination of industry professionals and GIFT students. The professionals are listed in white and the students are listed in pink.


Executive Producer
Camille Beaudoin
Eric Rebalkin
Elise Graham


Production Manager
Karen Redford
 Production Coordinator/
Production Accountant
Tiffany Cowan
Assistant Production Coordinator
Julianna McKinnon


1st Assistant Director
2nd Assistant Director
Barb Atamaniuk
Amelie Lang-Muller


Casting Assistant
Chantal Perron


Script Supervisor
Emma Cooke


Key Hair & Makeup Artist
Costume Designer
Olivia Morely
Heather Wood
Marina Palmer


Security Coordinator Victoria School Liaison
Chris Aanderson


Theme Song Performed By
Shannon Hunt
Andrea Shipka


Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Motion Graphics
Business Analyst
Business Analyst/
Service Innovation Designer
Emma Wittal
Jeanice Rivera
Sarah Fisher
Precious Bungwon
Debby Adeyemo


Elise Graham


Jana O’Connor


Production Designer
Set Dresser
Props Master
Art Department Dailies
Chantel Fortin
Ceili Lesko
Tegan Dobrich
Ketia Musugi
Austyn Pardely
Jordan Olivier



Director of Photography
Sound Mixer
Tamarra Lessard
Shreela Chakrabartty
Johanna Irwin
Nicole Torres
Brooklynn Soppet
Elise Leske
Camera Dailies
Austyn Pardely
Jordan Olivier
Stills Photographer
Sound Recording Engineer
Penny Gullion
Kirsten Quist
Kalli Melenius


Evelyn Rollans


Assistant Editor
Sarah Taylor
Amelie Lang-Muller
Evelyn Rollans
Online/Colour Correction
Post Audio Mixing
Closed Captioning Provided By
Dali Halabi
Jason Ludwig
Jesse Luce
Studio Post

Behind the Scenes



“It was such a pleasure working with such talented, friendly and hard working people. I am so thankful for the education I have received at GIFT from incredible instructors!”

Ceili Lesko

Set Dresser

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